Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Butter is BACK!

We are so excited to let you know that the wait is finally over and that our Limited Edition Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Butter is back in stock on our website just in time for the Fall and Holiday Season! This fan favorite has been in high demand since we sold out of it earlier this year. Georgia Grinders is excited to bring this decadent taste of the holidays in a jar back to you!

The idea for this limited edition flavor came about from our Founder, Jaime Foster, as she has been making her famous Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pies for quite some time now. Trust us when we say they are to "die" for! Our team wanted to capture these flavors into a jar, of course a clean and healthy version, as it is a true taste of Southern comfort and is the perfect delectable addition to your pantry! How should you enjoy it, might you ask? We love to pour it on top of vanilla ice cream, slather it on some homemade S'mores, stir it into our oatmeal, top our pancakes and waffles with it, or simply eat by the spoonful (or two)!

This special addition to our product line is also a 2020 Flavor of Georgia Finalist! We will be competing in the virtual competition this October and hope to have another winning flavor on our hands. Our Classic Pecan Butter took home the Grand Prize winnings back in 2017.

Click here to shop the Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Butter on our website! It makes for the perfect holiday gift as well as you can send a taste of Georgia to any of your loved ones this year. Let us know how you are enjoying it by tagging us @georgiagrinders on Instagram and Facebook so that we can reshare the love!

Have a wonderful weekend!

With love,
Your Georgia Grinders family :)