Georgia Grinders is proud to partner with DeKalb County School System’s Special Education Department!

Georgia Grinders is proud to partner with DeKalb County School System’s Special Education Department! October 21, 2014 was our first day to participate in a community-based vocational training program and enthusiastically welcomed our newest team members, Justin & Gina!


Community-Based Vocational Training (CBVT) is a program which partners with DeKalb County School System and local businesses to provide students with intellectual disabilities, ranging from ages 17-21, the opportunity to experience instruction in natural job environments.  Georgia Grinders will open our doors and offer the students the opportunity to learn vocational skills needed in a realistic setting, skills which can’t be fully taught in the classroom.


Justin and Gina were given a warm welcome by all of the employees at Georgia Grinders and immediately given a tour of the facility and kitchen.  During the tour, Justin and Gina learned how raw almonds are roasted and prepared for grinding into almond butter and ultimately viewed the packaging process.  Justin and Gina were responsible for the final date labeling, as well as applying NaturAlmond stickers on the almond flour bags.  Both did an excellent job and will be returning every Tuesday to work with the team. Their day concluded with a celebratory Pizza Party and Cake made just for them.  And just for good measure, a blow of the forklift horn from both Justin and Gina capped off another great day at Georgia Grinders!!!!

It is an honor to have both Justin and Gina join our team!  We are looking forward to seeing them grow and develop into outstanding employees that will exhibit a high level of care, concern and compassion for others. We hope that they will find their work to be rewarding, challenging, and meaningful.......and the lessons that they ultimately will teach us will be invaluable!


For more information about DeKalb County School System’s Special Education Department and Community-Based Vocational Training (CBVT) please visit the following website: