It's hard to imagine that a tiny Honey Bee could have such a huge impact on our lives!!  Without bees and other pollinators like them, almonds, pecans and many of nature’s other bountiful foods would not exist!

Unlike some plants, almond trees are not self-pollinating, so they need a little extra help to fertilize flowers, beginning the process of growing nuts. Honey Bees provide that essential link from one blossom to another.

Because Honeybees are so vital to our ecosystem, the owners of Georgia Grinders Premium Nut Butter, Jaime and Harry Foster are doing their part to contribute to the Honey Bee population!  The Foster family has invested in creating two of their very own Honey Bee hives!  In the process, they are educating their small children on the important work that these uber powerful pollinators do every day

“Without these essential, fascinating insects, we would not be able to make NaturAlmond Almond Butter!” reflects Jaime Foster, Co-Founder of Georgia Grinders. “There is definitely a reciprocity between tree nuts and Honey Bees and we thought it was important that we contribute to maintaining a positive ecosystem, as well as teach our children the long-term benefits of doing this,” Foster concludes.

It’s not just the almonds that benefit. For bees, almonds are often the first natural source of food each spring. Just like almonds are a nutritious snack for us, almond pollen is very nutritious for Honey Bees. Hives usually do well during almond pollination season and routinely leave stronger than they arrived … just like the fuel Nut Butters provide to us throughout the day!

We will be posting updates on the Foster Honey Bees on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Beeee sure to follow the progress of our Honey Bee Hives!!!