This summer is a truly exciting one over at Georgia Grinders HQ. We’ve been undergoing a facilities move into a much larger manufacturing unit that will allow us to expand our production process greatly. We are TRIPLING the size of our current manufacturing space which will allow for a significant increase in our capacity and growth. In the midst of the packing, the organization of logistics, and so much more, we proudly sold our ONE MILLIONTH JAR!

It would not be possible to celebrate this major milestone without your endless support of our family owned and operated brand. Words cannot express how much we appreciate every one of you and your loyalty to Georgia Grinders! This also would not be possible without our incredible production team, all of whom take "RISE AND GRIND" to a new level.

This milestone means so much to our team being that we proudly own and operate our own manufacturing facility. Our production team works extremely hard day in and day out, ensuring that we deliver the freshest, cleanest and tastiest nut butters to all of our loyal fans like you. They produce our products in small batches, which further helps ensure the quality, freshness and flavor of our nut butters, while adhering to the highest quality food safety standards.

When you order a jar of Georgia Grinder’s, it has not been sitting in our facility for extended periods of time. We work hard to plan our production schedule in a way that delivers the most quality product to your door, with as close to a one year shelf life as possible. This is something that as a company, we will never sacrifice. We often refer to it as a “labor of love”, and that is something that you can expect from each and every product you consume.

We wanted to take advantage of this exciting time by highlighting some of our amazing production team members and how they each contribute to the company every day. Meet: Eliot Buitin, Ryan Grondines and Braden Ashworth (from left to right).

Eliot is the General Manager for Georgia Grinders and he is responsible for directing all day to day business operations. He is the newest hire to our awesome team! Here’s what Eliot has to say about this milestone for the company: “Georgia Grinders nut butters are incredibly unique in that they are not just healthy and natural, but also TASTY! I believe in this company and the product, and I am proud that we just produced our one millionth jar. For me, reaching that pinnacle is not only proof of our products quality but a testament to our team’s incredible commitment, hard work and belief in what we are producing. The future for Georgia Grinders is very exciting and we will continue to work hard every day to enrich the lives of those around us and eventually by introducing our healthy, simple and tasty product to the whole world!”

Ryan is our Production Manager at Georgia Grinders and his responsibilities include forecasting the volume of the production quantities for all of the company’s products and overseeing that the production staff is producing everything correctly and safely. Ryan plans out our production schedule strategically so that product is not left sitting on our shelves. He is greatly excited about this company milestone and is more motivated than ever to continue boosting production numbers, while adhering to the safest standards.

Braden, our Food Safety Manager, is responsible for monitoring the safety and quality of our products. It has been an honor to have him with the company for over four years to help refine the food safety program and we greatly appreciate his passion to help grow Georgia Grinders into something even bigger! His job requires a great deal of record keeping, attention to detail and focus, which is extremely important when creating any food products. Ryan goes through great lengths to ensure pristine record keeping for all aspects of our company.

As we embark on the next a million jars together, we vow to stick to our mission of delivering fresh nut butters to consumers with simple, clean ingredients, all while adhering to the most stringent food safety standards per FDA and Georgia Department of Agriculture Guidelines. We vow to continue creating our nut butters in small batches for you and your loved ones to enjoy for years to come. The Georgia Grinders team is extremely excited to begin this chapter in an even bigger facility, which brings a lot of exciting possibilities. Again, thank you all so much for your support throughout our journey. To the next one million!


Your Georgia Grinder’s Family