How can we stay connected from a distance?

In the midst of everything going on in the world, one thing that we have been focusing on as a team is "How can we stay connected from a distance?"

Each day more and more events are being cancelled, so we are on a mission to find fun things that we CAN do together. Some of our team favorites include going on picnics, doing yoga outdoors, running outside, riding bikes, and more! What has your favorite activity been recently?

We always stay fueled on the go with our 3oz resealable nut butter pouches! They come in Creamy Peanut and Almond Butter and are the perfect snack to keep on hand, wherever life may take you. To encourage you and your loved ones to get outside safely this summer, we are offering 25% off our resealable pouches! Use code ONTHEGO to save on our Peanut Butter and Almond Butter 3oz pouches on our website. Note: Coupon codes cannot be combined on our website.

Keep reading to see how you can win some free Georgia Grinders pouches and nut butter to help fuel your summer's activities!

On top of the discount code for our pouches, we are officially kicking off a challenge called #ONTHEGOWITHGG. To further encourage you to spend time safely outside connecting with loved ones, we are asking you to share fun pictures outside enjoying your nut butters. Whether it be mid run with a pouch in your hand, or at a picnic with family crushing jars of peanut butter, we want to see it all! Be sure to tag us (@georgiagrinders) and use the hashtag #ONTHEGOWITHGG.

The top three photos will win two jars of any Georgia Grinders flavor of their choosing + 5 free resealable pouches! We cannot wait to see all of your entries and see how you are staying connected from a distance.

We also just started selling the adorable NEW Georgia Grinders Reusable Tote Bags on our website (pictured above). Be sure to snag one with your pouches and take it with you on all of your adventures. We can't wait to see how you shop in style in a sustainable way. Say goodbye to plastic bags, and hello to a fun new way of shopping! These bags are easy to fold and can fit just about anywhere.

Have a wonderful Friday and a safe weekend ahead!

With love,

Your Georgia Grinders Family :)