How Do You Rise And Grind? Customer Spotlight.....Aaron Cotteral

Everyone lives their life to a different rhythm; the things that are important some people, might not have the same priority to others. Health, wellness and fitness seem to play a variety of roles in everyone’s life, so we thought it would be fun to take a closer look at how people liver their adventurous life, while incorporating a healthy diet into their own personal journey in order to Fuel Their Adventure, in other words … how they Rise and Grind!

Our first “Rise and Grind” profile looks at Aaron Cotteral, Atlanta Real Estate Professional and former

Professional Football Player.

For the past ten years, health has been the backbone of Aaron Cotteral’s life. After leaving the Canadian Football League, Aaron has been focused on how to maintain his athletic abilities and high level of fitness. Sustaining this athletic physique means devoting several hours, 4 to 6 times a week, on total body conditioning; maintaining and developing muscle mass.

For Aaron, as well as most athletes, this intense level of training goes hand in hand with a healthy diet. “I’m always looking at how I can fuel my body to get the physical results I’m looking for,” states Aaron. “My focus is finding quality foods that are high in protein and freshness and low in sugar, with no additives, in order to keep my weight and overall health in check.”

To replenish his energy after a high impact work out, Aaron’s go-to is a high protein, almond butter shake, which as he says, “kick my endorphins up to a whole other level.”

A favorite of Aaron’s in his shakes, as well as on everything from fresh fruit to toast, is NaturAlmond Honey Roasted Almond Butter. “I love the authentic flavor and even though it has a little sweetness, I know that there are just a couple of ingredients and they’re all going to give me the results I’m looking for to sustain a totally healthy body and high energy level,” Aaron concludes.

Aaron definitely takes “Rise and Grind” to the max!!

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