It's The Most Exciting Time of the Year in the Nutty World of Almonds

It is the most exciting time of the year in the wonderful, nutty world of Almonds … it’s the beginning of Harvest Season!

Every August, the exhilaration caused by the flurry of activity in the San Joaquin Valley is palpable. Based in California’s Central Valley, San Joaquin’s optimal soil and climate has defined it as the world’s premier almond growing region; producing more than 75 percent of the world's entire supply of almonds.

There is no finer location to source the non-GMO Almonds that we use every day to create hand-crafted NaturAlmond Almond Butter!

The summer growing season is when the almond’s outer hull and inner shell continue to harden and mature until the time when it begins to split open, which typically takes place in July.

From August through October, the split widens, exposing the almond's shell and allowing the kernel, or nut, inside to dry. The whole nut and stem are finally ready to separate and, shortly before harvest, the hull opens completely.

At this very moment, the San Joaquin Valley is filled with gigantic machines known as “shakers” that roll up and down the almond groves providing enormous power to shake the almond trees, which allows these nutty jewels to fall off the trees. Considered by many to be one of the world’s most perfect foods, almonds are then harvested after the hulls and kernels have sufficiently dried on the orchard floor.  Here is a great video of the massive Shaker Machines 

The farmers who grow almonds for Georgia Grinders then use the steam pasteurization process to sanitize all of the almonds. The owner of Georgia Grinders chose steam pasteurization because it is the most organic form of sterilization. Short bursts of steam are shot onto the outer skin of the almond and do not effect the nutritional integrity of the almond. This process does not “cook” proteins or destroy vitamins and minerals, but rather leaves the wonderfully rich nutritional characteristics of the almonds intact.

Once the steam pasteurization process has taken place (the almonds are still considered RAW per the FDA Standards), tens of thousands of pounds of these fresh almonds are packed in huge bags and sent to our facility in Chamblee. From there we roast them to perfection in small batches and grind them to our signature consistency. Adding just a hint of sea salt to bring out the wonderful innate flavor of the almond and add a bit of crunch, we fill each jar to order. From harvest to jar, you can taste the freshness and quality in every spoonful of NaturAlmond Almond Butter.