NaturAlmond Announces Rollout to Whole Foods- Florida Region

Hinsdale & Foster Provisions is proud to announce that its line of almond butters, NaturAlmond, will now be available at all Whole Foods locations in the state of Florida in May 2014. This marks another important milestone for Hinsdale & Foster Provisions, as it will continue to expand the reach of products to new consumers and increase our market share in the nut butter category.

Before this announcement, NaturAlmond brand products were available to Floridians only in specialty gourmet stores and online, but now our almond butter will be more accessible than ever to customers in the Sunshine State.

NaturAlmond is already very popular in the Southeast, being sold at specialty gourmet stores, grocery stores (Whole Foods, Kroger,The Fresh Market, Central Market in TX) and Atlanta area farmer’s markets. With this groundswell of popularity behind it, NaturAlmond is sure to make a big splash in Florida as well. Since we began selling NaturAlmond, our retail reach has expanded as far west as Texas and South Dakota, and as far North as Minnesota and Connecticut.

NaturAlmond’s story begins in the late 70s when Jim Hinsdale began making his own almond butter as part of a lifestyle change aimed at improving his heart health. He perfected a special roasting and grinding process to give his almond butter the perfect texture, then added only natural sea salt to give it the right flavor. To this day, we produce NaturAlmond using my grandfather’s recipe and at age 95, Jim Hinsdale still certifies that NaturAlmond meets his strict standards for texture, taste, and nutrition.

The secret to maintaining product quality and consistency is Hinsdale & Foster’s practice of crafting NaturAlmond in small batches so that the product reaching the shelves is as fresh as possible. Every jar of NaturAlmond is produced in their dedicated peanut free and gluten free facility in Northeast Atlanta. This attention to detail ensures that each jar of NaturAlmond is every bit as good as the first one made by Jim Hinsdale.

To find NaturAlmond at a retailer near you, visit and use the store locator. If you can’t find a store in your area, you can even buy  NaturAlmond online!