Nuts! What is in my almond butter?

Whitney Stuart RDN, Whole30 Certified Coach & ½ of the Dallas Duo.

I haven’t always been a nut butter lover. It took some time, trial and error, along with some lengthy reading of research for me to realize- fat isn’t making me fat. The real culprit? Okay, that’s for another day. But, I do know that I love my fat, how it keeps me full on busy days and maintains my blood sugar throughout the day. It stops that mid-day hunger feeling right in it’s snacky tracks!    

My favorite sources? Nut butter. Specifically, wedged between celery ribs. I was originally the DIY grind kind; cheap, easy, crunchy and delicious. But, then I met Georgia Grinders. Now, my creaminess standard is set at a whole new level. The cashew butter? Oh MY!

Beware the new fancy fat trend, though! Have you seen it? Dressed up nut butters. Call me an elitist, but I my food to be minimal, few ingredients, and with nothing added. What's in my almond butter? Uh, almonds!

But now, I can get protein, probiotics, Vitamin B, berries, chocolate chips, glitter, and likely a soul mate; all stuffed into one jar. Take me back to the good old days! Before even Jif and Peter Pan were adding corn syrup to their whip. Just take me back to my daily Georgia Grind….

My favorite real & clean way to eat nut butter? Try them out! Use my code Whitness for a 20% discount if you care to try my favorite!

  • Celery & almond butter
  • A cinnamon sprinkled pink lady apple with cashew butter.
  • Pecan butter on sliced thin carrots.


Whitney is a holistic nutritionist; she’s a real food master and loves whole vegetables along with pronounceable and minimally modified ingredients that fill the stomach and satiate the soul! Her practice, Whitness Nutrition, is currently accepting local and distance patients. You can also join her and the #Whole30DallasDuo this September for a social & interactive month of group coaching. They recently received the Whole30 Innovative Coaching award!  Make sure to follow Whitney on FacebookInstagram