Nuts! What is in my almond butter?

Whitney Stuart RDN, Whole30 Certified Coach & ½ of the Dallas Duo.I haven’t always been a nut butter lover. It took some time, trial and error, along with some lengthy reading of research for me to realize- fat isn’t making me fat. The real culprit? Okay, that’s for another day. But, I do know that
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Atlanta Food & Wine Festival 2016

Georgia Grinders had the privilege of participating in the annual Atlanta Food and Wine Festival the first weekend in June. The Festival started in 2010 to spotlight Southern food and beverage traditions from Texas all the way to the District of Colombia. At the Festival, attendees are able to l
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GEORGIA GRINDERS IS SWEET ON HONEY BEESIt's hard to imagine that a tiny Honey Bee could have such a huge impact on our lives!!  Without bees and other pollinators like them, almonds, pecans and many of nature’s other bountiful foods would not exist! Unlike some plants, almond trees are
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