We stand together, ready to foster change.

Hello friends,

We hope that you are all doing well given the current situation that has been occurring in our nation over the past couple of weeks. Our hearts are heavy, and they stand in solidarity with the Black community and our Black employees. The racial and social injustice that has been brought to light recently is unacceptable and we want to continue to work towards creating an equal society for ALL people.

At Georgia Grinders, we strive to create extraordinary nut butters from simple, all natural ingredients to fuel the adventurous lives of ALL humans. Our mission has always been to nourish our bodies with real food so that we can further help spread love and kindness...and we want to spread this message further now more than ever.

The Georgia Grinders team is committed to continue doing our work; to continue staying active and staying educated around the racial injustice that has been occurring for too long in our country. We are extremely proud to have a diverse team comprised of those with various skin colors, with various origins, with various religions and with various educational levels. As we grow as a company, we will continue to hold the highest importance of keeping our team diverse, as we believe that is what makes our team so strong. The one requirement to be a part of our team is that you show up with a positive attitude and a smile, period!!

We have been educating ourselves by reading, watching educational shows, actively signing petitions and more. One thing we spent time doing over the past week was finding new Black recipe developers and content creators to follow and engage with. We came across some really amazing Black women who share very similar values to the Georgia Grinders team, and we are ecstatic to be able to share their work with all of you today. The recipes we are featuring may or may not be FILLED with nut butter, as well :) Check them out!

Click here to view the recipe for Jessica's Chocolate Peanut Butter Blender Pancakes on her blog and click here to follow her on Instagram.
Click here to view the recipe for Marisa's Spicy Peanut Cauliflower Stir Fry on her blog and click here to follow along her journey on Instagram.
Click here to check out Ashlea's Chocolate Rasperry Cashew Butter Cup recipe and her blog and click here to follow along on Instagram.

We hope that you enjoy the content and postings of these wonderful creators as much as we do! As we continue forward with our business, we recognize and cherish the fact that we are not going back "to normal". We are going forward towards a collective society that is inclusive, accepting and loving of people of all races, origins, religions and beyond. Thank you for your support of our brand now and always; we cannot thank you enough for choosing to nourish your body with Georgia Grinders! Let's create positive change in unity, as we are much more #strongertogether.