Georgia Grinders Cashew Butter


Consisting of 2 simple ingredients, cashews + sea salt, Georgia Grinders Cashew Butter is silky, smooth and rich in flavor.  This is a Whole30 Approved Product! whole30approved-circle-100px.png


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5 out of 5 (based on 26 ratings)
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So creamy

The BEST cashew butter on the market. So creamy without being oily, and just the right amount of salt. It's the perfect topping for an apple when you need a little snack, or to eat straight off a spoon. I can go through a jar in a matter of days!
Posted by Charley, 11th Sep 2018

My Favorite Treat!

Absolutely love this product! I've been on a low carb/low sugar diet for over a year now (lost 100 lbs+ so far), and the cashew butter is my treat snack! I get worried if I don't have at least 2 jars on hand at all times. It is very creamy and delicious! Even though is does have some salt, I do tend to add a bit more to my spoonful and find it tastes even better! Thanks for such a great product!
Posted by Jen, 11th Sep 2018

best ever

I have tried many all natural cashew butters and this is by far THE BEST EVER
Posted by melinda struwas, 6th Sep 2018

My favorite nut butter!

I had never had cashew butter until my nutritionist (Charlotte Press) turned me on to it! I feel like I’ve been missing out my whole life! I like it so much better than peanut butter now and I have to stop myself from eating it by the spoonful!
Posted by Anita, 4th Sep 2018

Cashew butter - The only one I buy!

Best Around! Smooth and Rich taste, I use it on everything...everyday! Love it and highly reccomend!
Posted by Kris N, 13th Aug 2018


I LOVE this Cashew butter. I somewhat closely follow the whole 30 diet on a regular basis and this is my daily treat to myself. It is better than peanut butter!!
Posted by Courtney, 8th Aug 2018

Cashew Butter

This is only the 2nd cashew butter I've tried but I definitely prefer it over the other I've had. I love that the ingredient list is clean, short, and simple. The cashew butter is super thick and creamy. I've only eaten it with a spoon so far and the jar is almost gone. Maybe next time I'll actually use it in something!
Posted by Clarissa, 5th Jun 2018

Our Favorite

The cashew butter is great. We usually just eat it out of the jar.
Posted by Adam, 14th May 2018


Hands down the best cashew butter out there! Thick, creamy perfection
Posted by Michelle, 27th Apr 2018