Georgia Grinders CRUNCHY Peanut Butter


Consisting of 2 simple ingredients, peanuts + sea salt, we source GEORGIA GROWN peanuts, slow roast them and grind to our signature texture in our CRUNCHY version. georgia-grown-logo.jpg

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Pure Peanuty Flavor!

I love the pure peanut flavor of this butter. It’s crunxhy yet creamy and it just tastes 100% like nothing but peanuts.
Posted by Emily Swanson, 16th Jan 2018

Great Stuff!

Tasted this peanut butter on a recent trip to Georgia and immediately ordered some when I got home to Oregon. It's simply the best ... just wish it was available nearby. Both the smooth and the crunchy are excellent tasting, just the way peanut butter should be!
Posted by undefined, 14th Apr 2017

Heavenly tasting!

I love this peanut butter. I found this a couple of years ago and prefer it to other organic peanut butter. I LOVE IT AND IT'S TASTE!!
Posted by undefined, 31st Mar 2017

Best Peanut Butter Ever

I have traditionally avoided "natural" peanut butter as the experience was not worth the effort of stirring it every time. All that has changed since I bought a jar of Georgia Grinders' crunch peanut butter. Somehow the grind of the peanuts and the perfect ratio of sea salt have created an exceptional peanut butter that is now our family favorite.
Posted by Michael Hastings, 12th Dec 2016

Excellent Natural Peanut Butter

Excellent natural creamy and crunchy peanut butter, I'm hooked!
Posted by Katrina, 24th Feb 2016