Georgia Grinders Pecan Butter


georgia-grown-logo.jpgSourcing Elliot Pecans from Ft. Valley, Georgia, our Award Winning Pecan Butter is smooth, rich and buttery, with a subtle sweetness naturally derived from this specific variety of pecans. 

Containing pecans and sea salt, Georgia Grinders Pecan Butter is Whole30Approved and won the Grand Prize at the Flavor of Georgia in whole30approved-circle-100px.png2017.fog-winner-product-seal.png

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5 out of 5 (based on 75 ratings)
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Awesome product that supports my Whole30 diet

I LOVE this pecan butter. Not the cheapest but is extremely tasty and when eaten in moderation still lasts a long time. I love that the only ingredients are pecans!
Posted by Barney, 15th Sep 2020

Favorite Pecan Butter

This is the best pecan butter I've even had!
Posted by Lauretta, 13th Sep 2020

Pecan butter

We love this product! We use for snacks, sandwiches and smoothies. It is a superior product!
Posted by Mildred Patterson, 8th Sep 2020

Yummy pecan butter

This butter tastes divine! It is seriously addictive. I’ve been enjoying this late is discovery in the market of gourmet foods. However the company should figure out how to ship their packages properly. Sometimes the jars break. The company usually promptly replaces the damaged product, but it would be nice to reduce the environmental damage caused by extra shipping
Posted by Betty Thomas, 1st Sep 2020

Pecan Butter

This I pair with Muscadine Preserves from Callaway Gardens Old Country Store. Best memory of being GRITS. Girls Raised In The South.
Posted by Barbara Moore , 17th Aug 2020

What a treat!

I’d never had pecan butter prior to this, and it is an absolute treat! I had to double check the label that there wasn’t sugar listed as an ingredient. What’s lovely about the pecan butter is that the natural sweetness of the nut shines in perfect balance admist the rich buttery goodness that is each spoonful. Absolutely delicious!
Posted by Jen, 10th Aug 2020

Pecan Butter ... Mmmm

It's hard to imagine that the only ingredients are pecans and a little salt. This stuff is really good. We put it on grainy bread as is, but it was also tasty with jam.
Posted by The Hansens, 1st Aug 2020

Pecan butter

Love it!
Posted by David shay, 29th Jun 2020

Pecan Butter

The pecan butter is so uniquely flavored and absolutely delicious...I highly recommend you giving it a try! I have ordered this item a few is that good!
Posted by Andy Beach, 25th Jun 2020