LIMITED EDITION: Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Butter


A 2020 Flavor of Georgia Finalist, the idea came about from our Founder, Jaime Foster, as she has been making her famous Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pies for quite some time now. We decided to capture these flavors into a jar, as it is a true taste of Southern comfort and is the perfect delectable addition to your pantry!  Drizzle on top of vanilla ice cream, slather on S'mores, stir in oatmeal or simply eat by the spoonful!

Ingredients: Pecans, Cocoa Powder, Sea Salt, Bourbon Extract, Natural Maple Flavor


Release Date: Expected release date is 10/14/2020
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Nicely done!

I was concerned that this might be too sweet for my taste, or that the chocolate would overshadow the pecan flavor. Instead, the chocolate flavor is subtle, the sweetness is very light, and the bourbon flavoring seems just right. Pecan predominates, as I think it should, but is nicely enhanced and rounded by the additions. This is excellent stuff.
Posted by Jerry Hudgins, 26th Nov 2019