Maple Caramel Almond Butter - 64oz


An infusion of ever-so-sweet amber and maple almond butter.  All Georgia Grinders almonds butters contain no added sugars, oils, preservatives or emulsifiers.  Ingredients = Roasted Almonds + Maple Syrup (Caramelized and Dehydrated) + Sea Salt.....yes, that is ALL! 

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Maple caramel almond butter

OMG so will love it if you try it!! Georgia Grinders just kills it with their nut butters!!
Posted by Andy Beach, 25th Jun 2020

Maple Caramel almond butter

what is better than a jar of the maple caramel almond butter? A LARGE jar of it? This is truly one of my favorite foods to consume, a go to when I need some healthy protein. The flavor is DELICIOUS and the consistency is perfect with small chips of almonds throughout to add crunch and texture. It has a surprising low amount of sugar which is important to me. Slice an apple, slather on the almond butter, and let your tongue have a party!
Posted by Anne Martin, 27th May 2020

Best almond butter ever!!

There is no comparison! Every now and then I will try a different manufacturer at Whole Foods to see if anyone meets the standard of this almond butter. Nobody beats Georgia Grinder. Can’t live without it!
Posted by Pam Fyffe, 21st Feb 2020