Maple Caramel Almond Butter


An infusion of ever-so-sweet amber and maple almond butter.  All NaturAlmond almonds butters contain no added sugars, oils, preservatives or emulsifiers.  Ingredients = Roasted Almonds + Maple Syrup (Caramelized and Dehydrated) + Sea Salt.....yes, that is ALL!

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Maple caramel almond butter

I have a picky household and let me just say that this right here is a staple! My kids will not eat any other Nut butter. So thankful for this product. Makes me days so much easier!
Posted by Erika G., 18th Sep 2020

Sweet surprise

The maple gives it a subtle sweetness that will delight your palate!
Posted by Paola Dunaway, 17th Jun 2020

There are no words

This may sound dramatic but there are no words for how delicious this almond butter is. It’s good by itself, it’s good in things, it’s good on things.... it’s just good period! My personal favorite way is with some apples for dessert but I have also put it into some dates and frozen them for a chewy caramel type treat which is probably my favorite way haha. Anyway obviously a big fan, please never stop making this!!
Posted by Carissa , 6th Nov 2019


It’s everything I thought it would be and more! Great maple flavor for the fall season. I’m glad it’s not too sweet. The almonds taste so fresh!
Posted by Kris, 11th Oct 2019

Almond Butter Convert

I have never truly been a fan of Almond Butter until NOW! I've tried countless brands of almond butter and did not like the taste or texture, but I've loved Georgia Grinders Almond Butter from the very first spoonful! This Maple Caramel Almond Butter is not too sweet, yet just as delicious!
Posted by Kristina Bednorz, 11th Sep 2019

Maple Caramel Almond Butter

If you have not tried this product, it is life changing. The fact that it is sugar free, is so exciting. The taste buds are tricked because the caramel maple flavors convince one of a sweet tooth. I give this product five stars because we truly savor it to the last drop. Recommendations: on toast and graham crackers
Posted by Cissy, 2nd Sep 2019


This is sooooo good! Just the right amount of sweetness and great texture! Love it!
Posted by Lara , 7th May 2019

Love the maple caramel!

I first tried the maple caramel almond butter at a booth at a festival, and I bought a jar then and there. My daughters and I went through it right away, and now we’re as close to addicted as I’ve ever been to anything!
Posted by Mysia, 29th Apr 2019

The best

just opened the almond butter maple caramel flavor and my husband was in heaven. We buy all amazing quality nut butters and this by far was the richest, most amazing quality he has had.
Posted by Amy, 1st Apr 2019