Original Almond Butter - 64oz


Our original almond butter consists of of two simple and clean ingredients: roasted almonds + sea salt. It has an extremely savory, satisfying, and has the ideal texture and consistency; the way almond butter is supposed to be! Why add anything else? This is one of our Whole 30 Approved products!  whole30approved-circle-100px.png

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I am a forever customer

The almond butter is addictive. I love it.
Posted by Angela G Nieves, 16th Oct 2020

Love Georgia Grinders - Will still give 5 star, though had an issue this time

Best Almond Butter around!! I will never use another! This time in Shipping the AB seal broke and the oil leaked out - The outside seal was in place - it was just inner seal - so I kept - but just wanted to let you know.
Posted by Kris Nak, 13th Jul 2020

Incredible Almond Butter!

Best Almond Butter around! Tastes incredible! I eat 2 tbsp every evening with my fruit. Highly recommend.
Posted by Kris N, 10th Jun 2020

Most amazing nut butter EVER!

My husband eat a lot of nut butter. And preferring almond butter means we were always stirring or mixing UNTIL we found Georgia Grinders. Not only is the consistency the same from beginning to end, it is wholesome, pure almond butter. We have used it in a Thai salad dressing, on vanilla ice cream, in smoothies, on toast with honey for a quick breakfast and of course the weekend special - almond butter and preserves on toasted wheat bread for lunch. YUM!! I cannot say enough about this product and also the peanut butter. My 26 year old son described the peanut butter as candy:) Customer service is wonderful and the biggest bonus is they are right here in Chamblee, GA. We love to support local!
Posted by Lauren Jackson, 9th Jun 2020


This is one of the best almond butters I've tried. You can't go wrong with this tub. Worth the money for size and quality of the product. Buy it and support a local business!!
Posted by NAISHA GONZALEZ, 21st Apr 2020


I absolutely love Georgia Grinders almond butters! I usually buy the original but love every flavor! Each one is the perfect combination....none are too sweet or salty. The texture is spot on for spreading, making protein bites, cookies, noodle bowls or just using it as a dip for fruit or crackers. A quick stir when you open the jar to incorporate the oils and it's ready to eat! My small jars rarely last a week so I grabbed the 64oz size this time!
Posted by JJHammill, 13th Apr 2020

I crave GG Almond Butter Everyday!

It’s that good and I do have 2 tablespoons everyday! I have been ordering for the past 3 years and have tried other - but no other compares to Georgia Grinders Almond Butter! Always tastes fresh and is all natural and you always know you are feeding your body the best AB around!
Posted by Kris, 16th Feb 2020


By far the BEST almond butter I have ever had
Posted by Helen, 15th Oct 2019

Giant jar of almond butter

Fresh and delicious! Hands down the best almond butter out there. I practice a ketogenic diet, and appreciate the only ingredients are almonds and salt.
Posted by Lari Hagan, 21st Aug 2019