Original Almond Butter


I.  Consisting of two simple and clean ingredients: roasted almonds + sea salt. ii. in reference to savory and satisfying nutty flavor. iii. the way almond butter is supposed to taste. iv. ideal texture and consistency.   Ingredients = Roasted Almonds + Sea Salt.  Why add anything else?  Whole30 Approved!whole30approved-circle-100px.png

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The Best Almond Butter!

This is the best tasting almond butter I have ever had! Very smooth and rich flavor! I will never buy another brand as they just don't compare!
Posted by Lisa, 19th Feb 2019

Love this Almond butter!

I discovered Naturalmond Almond Butter while living in Marietta, GA a few years back, and fell in love. It's definitely the best Almond butter I've ever had. And now that I'm back on the west coast and cannot find it in any of my local shops, I opt order directly from Georgia Grinders online rather than settle for another brand...it's that good!!
Posted by Amanda, 16th Jan 2019

Georgia grinders Almond butter

I tried many brands before trying this one and hands down this is the best tasting & consistancy. I eat it at least once a day in my smoothies and order it in bulk. Love it!
Posted by Laura Styles, 26th Dec 2018

Always great!

The store where I used to purchase my almond butter has unfortunately closed, so I order mine directly from the website. I've tried other commercially prepared almond butter as well as grind-your-own, and there are none that I LOVE as much as Georgia Grinders brand. I eat it every single day!
Posted by Michele Harris Casey, 7th Nov 2018

Almond butter

This is the best almond butter I have ever tasted! It has small crunchy pieces of almonds mixed into the creamy rich goodness of the almond butter! I will be buying this brand from now on!
Posted by Lisa, 12th Sep 2018

Georgia Nut Butters

I received my first order of a Georgia Grinders Almond and Pecan butters. I must say theses are the best I’ve ever tried and will be ordering again soon!! Thank you for producing such amazing products.
Posted by Jil, 14th Aug 2018

Simply the BEST

Highly reccomend! I have tried many Almond, PB, cashew and pecan butters. Georgia Grinders is the best! Taste, quality, richness, healthy and easy to order! Order today - you won’t regret it! The almond butter is melt in your mouth GOOD! Enjoy!
Posted by Kris N, 8th Jun 2018

Almond butter

I was soooo disappointed when my local Fresh Market stopped carrying my FAVORITE almond butter, so I just ordered direct! This is by far the best I've had...I've tried at least 5 others, including grind-your-own in 2 different stores. There's just enough salt and NO palm oil. I had to eat a different brand for over a week and it was just not the same breakfast!
Posted by Michele, 11th May 2018

What is in this?

Seriously though? This is unbelievable! This changed me from being a once in a while almond butter eater to an every day thing! I can't get enough!
Posted by Carin Czerniawski, 11th May 2018