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I.  Consisting of two simple and clean ingredients: roasted almonds + sea salt. ii. in reference to savory and satisfying nutty flavor. iii. the way almond butter is supposed to taste. iv. ideal texture and consistency.   Ingredients = Roasted Almonds + Sea Salt.  Why add anything else?  Whole30 Approved!whole30approved-circle-100px.png

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Almond Butter

Love this almond butter. I used to make my own. After finding this no more homemade.
Posted by Vivian Fields, 16th Jan 2018

This stuff is addicting

It is so hard to stop eating this almond butter! The chunks of almonds in every bite are to die for! Love this almond butter and have gotten several of my friends addicted, too!
Posted by Trish, 6th Dec 2017

Simply the BEST!

I buy this almond butter for my family by the case. It is simply the best tasting almond butter we have found - the slight crunch and a touch of salt ... delicious!
Posted by Deanna, 17th May 2017

Outstanding and healthy product

We have been buying the original almond butter for years. We enjoy the taste and quality of the products.
Posted by Bob Melton, 4th Apr 2017

There is no other almond butter like Naturalmond!

I have tried many other brands, but there is absolutely no comparison to the Original Naturalmond Almond Butter. It tastes like quality, fresh ground Almonds with a little sea salt. It is SO much better than any other kind of nut butter, and I love it on halved apples. I will never have back up jars in my pantry! Be sure to stir the jar when you get it all the way to the bottom, or the bottom is too salty by the time you reach it.
Posted by Charlene Sanders, 27th Feb 2017


Cannot get enough of this wonderful "almond butter" Friend asked me what do I eat it on. I said "muffins, apples, bananas and finally spoons. Got my first jar at an outdoor market in Georgia (I am from Pennsylvania) and in three months have ordered four jars since I bought the first one. Love the almond butter.
Posted by Joanne Fiorilla, 26th Dec 2016

This is the BEST almond butter I have ever tasted!

The almonds are roasted and lightly salted with NO sugar added. I have tried lots and lots of almond butters--some have added sugar, some are raw almonds, some with no salt. This one is just right!!!! It is the only brand I will buy from now on.
Posted by L. Coffey, 3rd Jul 2016

Absolutely the Best

NaturAlmond is the best almond butter on the market, hands-down. Taste is unparalleled. It's the only brand I purchase.
Posted by Olga Mawougbe, 9th May 2016

All Natural Ingredients Are Best

We have been enjoying the Original Almond Butter since it was first produced. We order by the case because we enjoy using it on fresh homemade bread that we bake. We especially like the fact that all natural ingredients are used. It also great for early morning smoothies before a workout at the gym.
Posted by undefined, 11th Apr 2016