Salt Free Almond Butter


Original recipe without the sea-salt.  All NaturAlmond almonds butters contain no added sugars, oils, preservatives or emulsifiers.  Ingredients = Roasted Almonds.....Yup!  That's IT!    whole30approved-circle-100px.png


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Salt Free Almond Butter

We have been a long time customer. We really like the salt free almond butter.
Posted by Bob Melton, 29th Apr 2019


This is seriously my favorite almond butter i have ever had. Perfect consistency, love the taste, and love that the only ingredient is almonds! Can truly enjoy this knowing there’s no junk added in here
Posted by erica piazza, 28th Jan 2019

Almond Butter - no salt

Best Almond Butter around! With the no salt, you do not get the big bite of settled salt as the last bite on the bottom of the jar! Highly reccomend this Butter to all I have tried, the taste is Superb!
Posted by Kris N, 13th Aug 2018

almond butter

Thank you for this product. We thoroughly enjoy almonds and with no sugar being added and an all natural butter we can spread it on our toast. We have ordered many a jar from you and rate it the best
Posted by Ruth Rankin, 13th Jul 2018


It has a great crunchy taste! Im in love with this flavor
Posted by Ana, 22nd Feb 2018

Excellent taste

Excellent taste. Excellent product.
Posted by Victoria, 27th Jul 2016

10 star product

I would give this nut butter a 10 star review if that was permitted! I have used the Whole 30 eating plan for a year and I have ordered countless jars of this NaturAlmond butter because we don't eat peanuts and I needed to add an extra 'good fat' to my diet. This product is the purest and freshest I have ever used. When I receive it on my doorstep (I order 6 jars at a time) I see by the date on the bottom that it was ground the day I ordered it...AMAZING! I can't say enough about the taste, purity, and overall healthfulness of this produce. I also love the fact that it comes in a glass jar, which I reuse in my pantry for nuts and such. Other almond butters have sugar added, among other things and come in a plastic jar...yuck! So, it's always going to be Georgia ground NatuAlmond nut butter for me and my family. P.S. Got my mom and sister hooked, they order it and will eat nothing else! So make sure you share this 'good thing'!
Posted by Cat, 7th Dec 2015

Yummy and digestible!

We enjoy peanut butter, but NaturAlmond almond butter tastes better and is much easier to digest. Great product!
Posted by undefined, 2nd Nov 2015

the best!!!

this almond butter is the best there is in my opinion. it is healthful and delish...what more would you put in your mouth?
Posted by Cat, 13th Oct 2015